Scales & Hydraulics Incorporated t/a S&H Scales established in 1985. We are a NRCS/SANAS accredited scale company (LTF 0206)(includes all weighing equipment – industrial weighing equipment – road and rail weighbridges, automatic bulk bag filling and handling systems, belt weighing systems and heavy duty platforms, retail weighing equipment – price computing printing scales, counter check scales and light duty platform scales.) We manufacture heavy duty platform scales and weighbridge platforms. We provide: Test mass pieces Weigh bars Belt weighing systems Automatic bulk bag fillers. The company also distributes industrial and retail equipment. We verify and certify all weighing equipment. We have a mobile Test Unit which travels to the Western /Northern/Southern and Eastern Cape to verify and certify weighbridges and weighflasks. We offer maintenance service contracts and SLA`s Our objective is to perform at our optimum best and to provide the best quality service and equipment to all our clients. Our vision is to empower the local community by creating job opportunities and training for all individuals. To achieve this vision more and continued support from the surrounding and other businesses is required.